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There are an incredible amount of gifted craftsmen and tradesmen in New England producing much of the materials and tools we use every day for our life and work. Many times, these artists are too busy building their furniture, welding and manufacturing their parts and tools, and generally being busy making their living. It's important to take time to document this incredible work and we are very proud to call these craftsmen our friends and clients.


"Joe Santa Maria accomplishes with a camera what I try to accomplish with chisels and planes. As primarily a furniture maker who focuses on traditional and hand finished elements, I appreciate his skill in capturing those distinctive details. Knowing that I use solid and reclaimed wood Joe takes the time to capture the grain and unique characteristics of each project. His recognition and skill in photographing the beauty of each project is an invaluable marketing tool for me. Because I am physically unable to show future customers my past work, Joe has created a portfolio of photographs that exemplifies my skill and expertise. His balance of fresh creative vision and years of business experience is a fantastic resource as I build my brand."
Ben Lefebvre, Owner Windswept Woodcrafts

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